Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight: “Why so serious?”

Director Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece in the second Batman film entitled The Dark Knight. If you’ve been watching the news or following headlines on your favorite news website, than you know that this film is breaking records. This dark and raw Batman surpasses all other attempts. When Batman Begins hit the screen in 2005, I highly enjoyed the more serious take on the character and was excited about Christian Bale’s work as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I was all the more excited when I learned Nolan and Bale had signed on to complete two more films; so I have been looking forward to The Dark Knight.

Nolan’s continuation of Batman Begins features Bruce Wayne’s struggle with his alter ego Batman and a new villain who is wrecking havoc on Gotham City, The Joker. The Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger, was done exceptionally well. Many media outlets and friends said that Ledger deservers an Oscar, but I wasn’t will to believe the statement until I saw the film. Ledger not only played the Joker, but he became the Joker. I will vividly remember Ledger for his role as the Joker; his dry mouth line and red scar filled smile saying, “Why so serious?” He did such an amazing job and is highly deserving of the Oscar award.

The tale is so dark, twisted; even scary at some points (just ask my wife, who chewed all her nails off). The cast did a wonderful job and made this film very “real.” I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie and was surprised several times by the plot. There is truth and a glimmer of hope in the film, but if you aren’t watching carefully, you might miss it. I highly, highly recommend seeing this film in the theaters. We waited a week after release and went to Alamo Drafthouse to learn it was sold out. We ended up at the Lakeline mall theater and enjoyed a wonderful movie outing.

I hope you folks have a blessed week.

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