Monday, November 17, 2008

November Weekend Review: No Bond

First, thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, congrats and gifts; please continue to keep us in your prayers. For continued baby coverage, stay tuned to Insert Title Here.

Review time – I am going to try to summarize better (Keith!), but am sorry if this gets too long. Friday, we did not go see the new James Bond. Instead we went to my mother’s house to play Wii. Kari, Carter, Canton and I headed to Smithville to stay with mom and had a blast. We ate some great spaghetti, repaired her wireless internet and played Wii. Mario Kart was the most popular, which included a lot of laughs, whoops and hollering!

Saturday, we did not go see the new James Bond. We made breakfast and I got hooked on a Hot Wheels video game. It was sweet! I think it is every little boys dream to race his matchbox cars and that is exactly what I did on Saturday. In this game you race a matchbox car through a bedroom passing all the typically things you might find in a boys room: dominos, uno cards, books, dinosaurs, etc. You can even drive by the window and see the neighbors’ house. Enough about the video game, we went and watched Texas play with my Mama and Papa and enjoyed visiting with them. Later that afternoon we went to my dad and Donna’s house for dinner with family and to drop off Canton. We had a wonderful time visiting and sharing, oh and ate great food.

Concerning Canton: Since he was “my dog,” I had a hard time parting with him (he wasn’t my dog, but seemed to hang out with me a lot). I knew that he was going to have a blast with my dad, but I felt like I was leaving him (which I was). We said goodbye to dad, Donna and Canton and I have to admit I got teary eyed as we got ready to leave. According to my dad, Canton did a great job Saturday night and looks like the transition went smooth. Dad was very excited; I am looking forward to hearing some “Dozer Dog” stories from him.

Sunday, we did not go see the new James Bond, but we did go to church. Church went well. We our continuing our 5 Kernels of Corn series which seems to getting better every Sunday. Kari and I spent the afternoon relaxing and hanging out with Carter. Later that evening my buddy Keith invited us out to Rudy’s BarBQ; so we joined them and several other folks from Phoenix Church. To end the awesome weekend, I watched the Dallas Cowboys "Road to the Playoffs" game. Tony Romo returned to the field and the flame that began the season seemed to be rekindled last night with a victory over the Redskins.

Although we did not go see the new James Bond film, we had an amazing weekend and wouldn’t trade it for the new 007 (I’ll see it later). I hope that each of you had a great weekend with family and friends. God bless.

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