Monday, December 29, 2008

Bedtime Stories: Sandler Does Not Put You to Sleep

The last movie I saw sitting on the front row was Forrest Gump, until last night. Kari, Shebi and I went to see Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler at the Alamo Drafthouse. The previews had already been running and the house was packed, so we made our way to the front row.

Sandler plays Skeeter Bronson who works as a handyman in Nottingham Hotel. Skeeter is a second generation Bedtime Storyteller; he just didn’t know it till he gets a chance to hangout with his niece and nephew. Skeeter learns that the day after his bedtime stories are told, parts of them come true.

I caught myself laughing out loud throughout the entire movie. Not only funny, this creative film puts Sandler in another role that allows him to be a funny hero of sorts. I am not really sure how to describe his recent movies, but they all seem to have a good moral tone or spiritual undertone (Spirituality in Art; that is another blog, see Taylor Swift a Theologian? for an example). It is also fun to watch a Sandler film because you get a chance to spot his usually suspects, such as: Allen Covert, Jackie Sandler (his wife), Rob Schneider and several others. If you watch closely, you can spot Sandler's daughter Sadie Sandler.

I highly recommend Bedtime Stories to anyone who enjoys a good family comedy.

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velma said...

Yeah! Good to know! this looked really cute and I wasn't sure if it would stand up =)
We saw Serenity front row at the Alamo once.... a little too close to Nathan Fillion without the benefits of actually seeing him face to face... =)