Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Insert Title Here Top 7 of 2008

After using a mathematics equation similar to the BSC, I am posting the top 7 Insert Title Here posts. Insert Title Here has changed some much throughout the year of 2008; I figured these few were worth sharing again. The first half of the year began very slowly, but the second half of the year saw most months with 20 or more posts. It is a fun exercise and an easy dissemination of information to relatives in distant places. Without further delay, here are the Top 7:

7 – Saturday Night Fun with Snakes! - This post was so much fun to write because it was an exciting night. As the adrenaline flowed and a bit of fear overtook us, we felt as though it was in our best interest to get rid of these snakes. Wow, and to think I was inches from stepping on one!

6 – Camping: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! – After several days of camping in Kerrville, of course the re-telling of the adventure had to make Insert Title Here. This camping trip was Kari’s first and at this point last, due to Baby.

5 – Tuesday Baby News: Press Release 11/25/2008 – I think the computer rankings moved this post to 5 because recently there has been a lot of Baby coverage. Oh, the baby coverage will continue, but this was a very exciting post, so it made the top seven.

4 – Reminiscing Christmas: Part I – After receiving a few e mails concerning this post, I am glad to see it in the top seven. It was delightful it to go down memory lane remembering all the wonderful times I spent with my family growing up and realizing that I valued the family more than the gifts.

3 – Taylor Swift a Theologian? – Not only is it a good song, but this post has gotten a lot of response. Although not to many comments showed up, many ladies young and old had something to say about the "Taylor Swift" post. This was definitely one of my favorites; an easy pick for 3rd.

2 – Soul Ink: Represent – This is the first video in a series of four that would accompany a sermon series at the Well. Soul Ink: Represent is one of my favorite Crown Films. Go back to the origianl post or Crown Films to see Soul Ink: Represent and other films.

1 – Eternal Ripples – I felt God reminded me of how important it is for us to make a positive impact on those around us by creating an eternal ripple. This post led to a “part two” post by my buddy Keith entitled “The Church” in “Church”. I think we should all be encouraged and look forward to the way God works and moves in 2009.

I enjoy writing, sharing and hope that you will continue to join Insert Title Here in 2009. God Bless and Happy New Year!

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velma said...

#7 made me laugh for days... in fact it makes me laugh just thinking of it again..

#5 Baby news is always wonderful!

#2 Hey I was in this series of films, so I think its awesome -- really it was great work on your part!!

What about Mickey Mouse for President?????