Friday, December 12, 2008

Vacation and Such…

Insert Title Here has been neglected for the past few days because we were on a “vacation.” Our camping plans were scraped for an obvious reason and after Wednesday morning’s low temperature, I am thankful we weren’t camping.

We weren’t going to do anything, but on a whim Sunday evening, we decided to drive out to Milano and escape the big city. I don’t remember the last time I slept in, laid on the couch all day watching TV and ate good food throughout the day. I am a little surprised at how little there is to watch during the day and I am super tired of the “drive-by” media, including: Fox News, CNN, CNN Headline, and MSNBC (sitting around and speculating the news all day gets old and they get paid for it).

Seriously, that is about all I did for 3 days. The third night got interesting though. Kari was having a great Wednesday and cooked some amazing spaghetti. All was well till about 10 o’clock. We were getting to bed at a decent hour because we were going to head to Highland Lakes for a Hot Hearts meeting the next morning. I am not sure of the exact order of events, but Kari threw up dinner. I attended to her and tried to do anything to help. Most of my words were encouraging, but I am starting a list of things not to say:
“We should probably change your diet.” Between vomit sessions, while she hung her head over the vomit bowl.
It was probably, no, it was not the best thing to say at the moment. I went on to say something dumb a little later, but neither one of us can remember (that is a good thing). We stayed up till about 2am dealing with night “morning sickness.” I am not sure how much Kari slept, but I know I didn’t sleep well at all, so we decided to recover Thursday morning (slept till eleven!), instead of attending the meeting.

Please keep Kari in your prayers as the morning sickness is projected to last about 3 more weeks. Have a great weekend.

God Bless


velma said...

poor Kari!!! I know everyone can respond differntly to pregnancy - just ask Cassie, wait don't ask her! she was sick more than anything else... hopefully Kari will feel better soon..

Isn't it amazing what goes on during the day when you would normally be working???

Cassie said...

I hope Kari's "morning sickness" goes away quickly...I feel for puking pregnant gals!!

And don't will say many, many more dumb things to your bride as you go through this :) Here's a tip I screamed at James in the middle of an argument when we were expecting Ethan "How stupid are you...arguing with a pregnant woman!" Enjoy the ride (and call my hubby if you need support because I can tell you here and now that I'm on Kari's side ;)