Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Movie Pick: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

“Nobody knows this mall better than I do.” Paul Blart played by Kevin James
Paul Blart: Mall Cop hits theaters today and I am very excited. I know I might have said I was very excited about previous Friday Movie Picks, but this one is going to be a riot.

Co-written by the star of the film Kevin James, Paul Blart protecting and serving the mall takes on a "gang of organized criminals" according to James, slightly overweight, desperately wants to be a cop and has an opportunity to "save the mall." I crack up laughing every time I see him attempt to slide behind the mall kiosk and not make it. I have become a Kevin James fan through his T.V. show and recent films. This film should generate many laughs and I am looking forward to it.

A Bonus Friday Movie Pick: My Bloody Valentine 3-D is not my style of movie, but the 3-D sounds pretty neat. I think there is about a 10% chance I would actually go to the theater and see it, but I like the idea of a scary story in 3-D.

Well, that's a wrap. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Coming this weekend: What Will the Judge Say?

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