Monday, January 12, 2009

San Antonio Wedding Weekend

Lyle Lovett’s song San Antonio Girl comes to mind when I think of San Antonio.

Friday evening we traveled to downtown San Antonio for a weekend getaway and wedding. The La Quinta (next to Bill Miller’s Barbque, not Denny’s) was a stones throw from the Riverwalk. We enjoyed a late dinner on the Riverwalk and the wonderful atmosphere San Antonio offers.

Saturday we planned to do the Mission Trail before the wedding, but plans changed. Kari and I had continental breakfast and than went back to the room. Kari was not feeling to well so we relaxed in the room; I got some reading time and Kari got some rest.

In the early afternoon we went over to Live Oak in Northeast San Antonio to attend Andie’s wedding and to hook up with Kim. Kim (Mizzou) and Kari were “Roommates!”and continue to remain wonderful friends even though several states separate them.

Andie’s wedding was funny and beautiful. An interesting note from the service: Both bride and groom had written dream qualities of their future spouse. These were posted on their myspace page prior to their meeting one another and were read aloud at the service. It was very neat to hear that almost every quality listed was what one another was looking for. Oh, and another note: They had a candy bar set up at the reception with several candy jars and bags to make yourself a goodie bag. M&M’s and Skittles were a huge hit for myself.

The evening came to a close and we headed to the hotel to get changed. Before we got food, Mizzou presented Kari and baby a few gifts. Pictured above is a homemade blanket with an "H" in the center made by Mizzou. As you can tell by Kari's expression, we were very surprised and excited. After than, we headed over to Mi Terra Café. A family favorite of the Davenport’s, Kari was a pro, but Mizzou and I had never been. After a well worth it hour wait, we were seated and ordered some queso and guacamole. WOW; they were both very good. Filling up on chips and dip, we ordered off the kids menu. I had a cheese enchilada and a beef taco. Both of these items, plus the rice and beans were amazing.

A little after eleven on Sunday morning, we dropped Kim off at the airport. The infrastructure approaching the airport in San Antonio is nice and easy to navigate, but the airport is under construction. I am guessing once all the construction is complete; the San Antonio International Airport will be pretty nice.

Having the day off, Brandon joined us for our trip down Mission Trail. The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park includes four missions, their churches and other historic sites. I will spare every detail of each mission, but from north to south they are: Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan Capistrano and Mission Espada. I snapped a few pictures and enjoyed reading about these historic sites.

Kari and I got home about 3pm and took a long nap. We got up and ate some McDonalds and than went right back to bed. It was a great weekend. I hope that each of you had a great one too.

God Bless

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