Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's Friday...Not Really, Sorta

Today is my Friday because tomorrow I have Sunday off. Right now, Kari is on her way home from Milano and I am hanging out with Brandon and Carter in the PR Shack. The new PR Shack is going to be located in the new Miles Auditorium (pictured to the right). Currently we are preparing the floors in the new PR Shack for the move in. Time flies when you are at camp and sometimes you don't even know what day it is.

Kari and Baby's first shower was today. I have not got all the details, but she said she had a wonderful time and is thankful for all the gifts given. I am looking forward to seeing and hanging out with my wife in about an hour.

I hope that everyone had a blessed week. God Bless.


jayiin mistaya said...

I've only been to one baby shower in my life.

I will never go to another if I can avoid it.

Though, I hope Kari had fun!

Courtney said...

Welcome to camp :). Robert never knows what day it is. I walked into the office on Saturday, and Robert said, "how was church?" LOL Then, he realized that it wasn't Sunday.