Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not Your Every Day Week @ Camp

The past five days might have been some of the most physically challenging days I have had in recent years. I do confess, I am not in the best shape possible, but the Rope/Challenge Course training kicked my rear.

Highland Lakes Camp has an amazing low and high ropes course. These elements are used throughout the year, but mainly in the fall and spring. Somehow I have overlooked some of these elements (the entire low ropes course!) and am very impressed. Swinging log, nitro swing and the meat grinder are just a few of the challenges you or your group can tackle.

After five days I learned a few things: A. I don't like pole climbing 25'. B. I don't like pole climbing 25'. C. I don't like pole climbing 25'. I did not certify on the highs (thanks Stine), but did complete the course for belay and lows training. I have not received the test scores yet, but felt good about the test.

After five o'clock I was back to my regular duties, taking care of guest needs and cleaning the dining hall. Living and working at camp still seems like a dream. We are enjoying each day and are thankfully to serve at such an amazing place. Please keep us in your prayers as we get geared up for summer (Baby and camp).

Wednesday morning, Kari and I had a date on the front porch. Three hours before sunrise there was a meteor shower. We got to see 4 falling stars and enjoyed the cool morning breeze (we were up at 5:30am not 3:30!). Kari is almost 28 weeks and doing great. Baby Hellums continues to kick daily and is getting bigger. The other day Kari felt him move her ribs; oh, she was thrilled about this (wink, wink)!

I hope that you all had a great week. God Bless and take care.


nicole said...

great pic!!

Cassie said...

I would love, love, love to do the ropes course...I have always wanted to do it!! How awesome that it is part of your job :)

Great to hear about Baby Hellums development...looking forward to his debut (but not as much as Kari is I'm sure :)

jayiin mistaya said...

...that sounds like a living hell to me. Ropes course? *shudders* No one has yet offered me enough money to do something like that.

But I am very glad you're having fun, and I hope this new job is working out as well as y'all expected!