Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Countdown is On...

Here is just a glimpse of what is invading our home. In addition to receiving many diapers already from family and friends, Kari and I try to make it a point to pick up some when we go into town. I am still illusive as to how our newborn is going to make messes in all these diapers, but I keep hearing you can't have enough diapers.

Our home has been transforming into a baby ready home because crunch time is upon us. We have approximately 44 days until our titles officially change to Mommy and Daddy. The excitement of having a child has yet to subside. Often times you will hear us say, "We are ready to meet our little boy."

The last several months have been an amazing growing experience for both of us. My love for my wife has always been strong and grows daily, but each day throughout this pregency my love for my wife has grown. There isn't a minute I would not want to spent with her and at camp that is almost possible (to an extent). I am so blessed and awed by God for blessing me with such an amazing woman.

Over the past several days, my family has been dealing with my Pa Pa (pronounced Paw paw) who is currently in the hospital. They found fluid on his lungs last week and said he would be going home this Monday, but that changed. Yesterday evening I recieved a message from my uncle that said my grandfathers lung had collapsed. Please keep him and my Ma Ma in your prayers.

I hope everyone has had a great week. God Bless.


jayiin mistaya said...

You, your family and your grandparents are in my prayers.

I hope things continue to go well...and as someone who once lived with a newborn, I can safely say, there is no such thing as too many diapers.

Jackie Lura said...

I sure will Jeremy.

Kari Hellums said...

this made me cry. i love you honey! and im blessed to have you in my life. i miss you like crazy when we are apart, even the few hours in the day i don't see you.