Monday, June 01, 2009

Playing Catch Up & It's The First Day of Camp

Catch Up: Kari and I were blessed by the Highland Lakes Camp staff and several close friends who joined us at a baby shower several Sunday's ago. It was awesome to visit, catch up and take a moment at camp before summer to relax and celebrate the upcoming birth of our son. We want to thank each of you (most have already received "thank you" notes thanks to Kari) for the wonderful gifts, the time you spent and your friendship.

Kari and I went to the doctor on Wednesday of last week. Baby Hellums is getting bigger and continues to kick all night long. It is pretty cool to just watch the movements and even more amazing to feel him kicking or moving around inside his Mommy.

Last week was Summer Missionary Team (SMT) training. About 50 college students come out to camp and serve for 12 weeks doing jobs that include (but is not limited to): cleaning toilets, life guarding, doing dishes, making camp videos, selling stuff, etc. This is a short list, but not only do I get to oversee the production on campus, I have an opportunity to direct the Public Relations (PR) staff along side our director, Danny. At this point we are doing great on our calendar; one video completed and one scheduled to be completed by weeks end (the famous "rules video"). It is such an awesome experience to meet and work along side students who have a passion serving Christ.

Camp: As I mentioned, this was the first day of camp. Meaning we have our first big group of students out here. Summer is here. I have only been on staff two months and I have to say, "my job is awesome!" For those of you who don't know, I like to work hard. I said it today, "If I didn't have to have a day off, I wouldn't," not because I don't want to spend time with my wife or my family (because I enjoy that as well), I just really enjoy my job. Everyday is something exciting and new; which is very refreshing for me. An added bonus, it just so happens, that I get to eat almost all meals with my wife and sometimes she gets to help me out with my job. God is awesome!

One story (for Alan):
"I ruined one pink work shirt with blood on it, tore a hole in it, and lost a staff member to an injury."
Today we moved a carport. I don't know to many people who can say they moved a carport till today. It is similar to the one pictured minus the siding. Basically it is large enough to park a RV underneath. Myself and seven other guys were charged to move one of these by lifting it and moving it about 30 feet. Things were going well, besides the large amount of weight until some decided to yell, "drop it!" I am not sure who said it, but there was no "1, 2, 3," hence, there was an injury. The production specialist, Brandon, had the carport slide down his ankle. Thankfully his foot was not caught underneath, but rather he pulled it out before that could happen. Enough damage had been done that he got a trip to the ER and learned it was only a major bruise. However it did swell to the size of a tennis ball. A man short, we eventually got the carport moved into place. Now I can say, "I moved a carport; with my bare hands."

I hope everyone is doing well. Cassie, thanks for the wonderful words. We miss you guys and look forward to another visit to Texas. God bless. Until next time...(hopefully sooner than last time).


jayiin mistaya said...

*LOL* I got my very own story!

Moving a carport bare-handed sounds very macho and does, indeed, give bragging rights.

I'm glad things are so far up in the realm of awesome!

Cassie said...

Man, your job sounds AWESOME!! I want to work at camp too!!! I am glad that God is blessing you in your new ministry :)