Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chapter Two: Strange Drive to Work

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Typically it takes me about forty-five minutes to get to work. We moved outside of town to Cherryville about three years ago. The boys were doing poorly at Westside High School and it was time for a move. 

Cherryville was a small town, but little did Mason know, a very strange town. For the last ten years various reports of dead cattle, trashed crops and missing small animals had been reported in the local paper. These minor reports went unnoticed by anyone outside of the rural area.

My first wife passed away five years ago when the boys were eleven.  I often think of her, Julie, each morning on my commute. That morning was one of those mornings.

Her sweet words fell warm on my face every morning, "good morning, love," she'd say. We had been married thirteen years when she was diagnosed with cancer. They said she might live three to five years, but it was only six months.

The vehicle, a red Dodge Caravan, in front of me was traveling at a similar speed. As I thought of Julie and our mornings together, my attention was draw away from my thoughts as I noticed the tail-lights of the Caravan swerve to left. Quickly the van jerked to the right and hit the grassy ditch.

The van quickly disappeared into the brush leaving a path of tattered vegetation.  At one point I could only make out the red lights.

After little thought, I found it necessary to stop and render aid. Walking along the path cleared by the van I began to repeatedly shout, "Hello, can I help you?" 

My pace quickened as I noticed a smoldering coming from underneath the hood. The smell of something foul emerged from an unknown source, but what I saw I had seen before.

I ran to the van and pulled an incoherent woman from the drivers seat. She had hit her head on the steering wheel, but it was what she hit with her van that was creating the foul smell. The woman's knees buckled when she saw the black bathtub sized larva in front of her van.

The black tinted larva was iridescent revealing a creature inside. I had seen these creatures before, in my dreams. They were the very same creatures who had tied me up. I quickly pulled out my iPhone and snapped three pictures.

This concludes Chapter Two: Strange Drive to Work

Please note, this is a work of fiction, currently being hashed out here at Insert Title Here. Thoughts, ideas and story is the property of the author.

Chapter Three: The Three Pictures

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