Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chapter Three: The Three Pictures

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We could not stop looking at the pictures and I could hardly believe I was looking at something I presumed only to be a dream.

After the wreck, Mason took the unidentified woman back to his home. He began to think, "if the rest of the morning was anything else like his reoccurring dream than she would need to be protected."

"Can you believe this?" Mason asked Lily, the driver of the red Dodge Caravan, "and I'm telling you I have seen these creatures before!"

The images were almost unsightly, but Mason continued to pour over them.

In the first image were three of the larva, two side by side and the other staked on the two. A bald skull of a human head could be identified in the larva on top, as if it were pushing it's way out. The light bounced off the larva revealing two other faint images of humanoid figures in the other larva pods.

The second image captured the creature emerging from the larva pod. The head and what appeared to be an arm-wing pushed out reaching for freedom. In the other two pods, the creatures seem to be searching for freedom also. A leg had broken free in one pod and two arm-wings protruded from the other pod. 

The last image captured the full body of one of mysterious creatures. Standing nearly five feet seven inches in height, the creature had gray skin and was completely covered in a fine similar colored hair. The arm-wing could be compared to that of a bat's wing. The creature stretched it's self upon it's birth as the other two removed themselves from the pods.

"I hit that?" Lily tried to understand what was happening.

"Yes, and if I have seen them before, we will soon see them again," Mason calmly and frankly replied.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed John-Thomas number, he had become a close friend. 

"Hello," John-Thomas answered to his friend.

"Can you come over? You have to see something, it is urgent!... And bring your guns," Mason said.

This concludes Chapter Three: The Three Pictures
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Chapter Four: An Urgency

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