Friday, April 08, 2011

Chapter Four: An Urgency

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"What in tarnation!" John-Thomas exclaimed when he saw the photos.

Mason recounted the morning to his friend in  a somber tone and Lily filled in the details about the wreck (to a certain extent). Mason was living in his reoccuring dream. He mentioned to John-Thomas, in the den, some of the more graphic images from his dream and stressed the urgency of something strange was happening.

John-Thomas had brought with him a sawed-off shotgun and a .30 - .30 deer hunting rifle. John-Thomas was a well known marksman in the area and Mason only hoped what happen in his dream could be averted.

The three decided to hide in the living room in wait for the creatures to arrive. A large bay window faced the north, hopefully they would be able to spy them before they were found.

My palms sweat and my fingers were beginning to ache as I held the shotgun tightly. I watched John-Thomas load the weapon with fresh bullets, everything should be fine. I crouched near the door, we decided to hide Lily in the attic and John-Thomas crouched in the far corner of the room.

About two o'clock that afternoon the three creatures captured in my iPhone, appeared in front of our spying window. All three, humanoid-bats, walked with an angry demeanor and held guns in there claws.

"Why, why, why did I take there picture and what do they want?!?" I thought in a brief moment of panic. Fragments of a window fell to the floor on the other side of the house.

This concludes Chapter Four: An Urgency

Please note, this is a work of fiction, currently being hashed out here at Insert Title Here. Thoughts, ideas and story is the property of the author.

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