Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Baby News

On Saturday, February 7th at approximately 10:50 pm, Kari received two swift hits in the belly. Baby delivered the first hit, the smaller of the two and than closed with a shocking hit making Kari exclaim, “Wow, that was a shock!” I asked Kari what it felt like and she replied, “It felt like someone was poking me, but from the inside." WOW, I can’t even imagine how amazing and strange that would be. This was the first major movement by Baby to date.

Kari is now experiencing daily movements by Baby Hellums, but mostly occurring late at night. About midnight on Sunday night, Kari was actually able to feel the movement with her hand. I tried to catch a bit of the movement, but missed out.

This new phase of the pregnancy has now made me a little more anxious about February 18th. I have being doing very well mentally about not being to consumed with thinking about that appointment, but since these movements have started it is becoming harder. Kari is now experiencing weekly morning sickness, but weekend reprieves.

Other News: Insert Title Here occasional participates in blog tours and is proud to announce this week begins the Valentines Blog Tour. I signed up for this tour sometime in January and forgot to mention it to Kari. These books are love and marriage related and so I received a text message from my wife stating, “Just got a bunch of marriage books in the mail, are we ok?” I laughed out loud to myself and responded, “Its part of the blog tour, LOL!” It was a pretty funny moment. So, stay tuned for the Valentines Blog Tour.

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God Bless.

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